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    Top 5 TV & Media Providers In Africa


    May 3, 2021

    Watching various series, movies, reality shows, news channels, etc, on the television and tiger digital platforms is a great way to spend leisure time. Watching the news, reality shows, talent shows, series, and movies is one of the most popular ways to relax and unwind.  

    Although there are various infrastructural issues, connectivity problems, and the added issue of high data cost, there has been a major rise in the popularity of TV subscription services and online streaming services in the last few years. This article talks about the most popular media and television service providers and their startimes packages, in Africa. Continue reading to learn more about these subscription services!  

    The Best Media And TV Providers 

    Streaming platforms have gained a lot of popularity in Africa because these services are more cost-effective and allow subscribers to choose what they want to watch and when they watch it. Here is the list of the best media and TV providers in Africa:  

    • Showmax  

    Launched in August 2015, Showmax is one of the most popular internet entertainment providers in Africa. Showmax was backed by Naspers. Naspers is one of the most popular media providers in Africa. The StarTimes packages of Showmax are USD 7.22 per month. You can watch several HBO title shows like True Blood, Game of Thrones, and more. You can download and/or stream TV shows and movies on Showmax.  

    • Irokotv

    This streaming service provider is often referred to as the Netflix of Africa. With a subscription package of USD 10.99 per month, this streaming service allows you to watch Nollywood content as well! This streaming service began as a YouTube channel. Now it has become a VOD platform.  

    • Starnews Mobile 

    This startup was launched in the year 2017, in July. StarNews Mobile’s popularity has been steadily growing since its launch. StarNews Mobile offers celebrity-based content regularly. By paying a monthly subscription amount of USD 9.95, you can even receive and watch short exclusive videos from your favorite celebrities! It consists of a network of approximately 50 mobile channels.  

    • Acorn TV

    If you’re a fan of international and British TV series, then you just need to pay USD 4.99 per month and watch them on Acorn TV. Not only can you watch interesting content on their website but also on the Acorn TV app.  

    • Google Play Movies 

    This is one of the most affordable media and TV subscription services you can avail of. At USD 3.99 per rental, you can download and/or stream your favorite movies as well as TV shows!  

    Entertain yourself by getting started with any of the aforementioned StarTimes packages and enjoy your free time! 



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