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    Why Is The Material So Important In A Polo Shirt?


    Apr 27, 2021

    Just check out the polo shirt design (ออกแบบ เสื้อ, which is the term in Thai) you wear regularly. With a comparison with your desired favourite t-shirt, you can note that their fabrics are a little different. Are you wondering the reason behind it? It turns out that the kind of materials which gets used to make this famous garment have a function.  

    The shirt design has come an extended how they were launched, from athletic apparel to leisurewear. Today, we’ll talk about the fabrics which are used to make the fabric of a polo shirt and why the material selection is crucial.

    Fabric Production Methods

    The fabrics used by the Polo shirt factory (สั่ง ทํา เสื้อ โปโล , which is the term in Thai) are often piqué or jersey due to the polo shirt’s sporting history. However, before discussing the differences in the two specified fabrics, it’s important to understand how they’re produced. Weaving and knitting have been the two most popular methods for making fabrics for centuries.

    The process of weaving involves creation of cloth by the process of interlacing these long threads with one another. The threads get stitched together in both vertical and horizontal pattern (which is alike to any checkerboard). Cotton and denims are two fabrics that get woven to make the garment. Depending on the pattern chosen, weaving which could be complex or simple. It also depends on the kind of work done by the Polo shirt factory as it varies from factory to factory. 

    On the other side, knitting is a method in which a single yarn is stitched together using long needles to create a garment. Looking at the material closely is the best way to tell how the garment has got knitted. 

    So, How Does This Affect Polo Shirt Design?

    Polo shirts manufactured by Polo shirt factory are traditionally get made of these knitted fabrics. They can now be made of various fabrics, including linen and silk, along with jersey and pique which are the most widely common.
    Due of its, versatility, breathability and toughness, the pique knit became Lacoste’s preferred fabric (which primarily helps in playing of sports).  

    A waffle-like or honeycomb pattern can be seen if you look closely. Few of polo shirts are twofold piqued, which means they have two different styles of threads. This is achieved to reinforce the kind of fabric or save money by fusing a lower-cost material along with the higher-cost. 

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