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    Some tips for choosing a professional debt collection service in the UK


    Nov 3, 2021


    Bad credit in business is a problem that must be resolved immediately. If it is ignored, over time it will have a major impact on the financial viability of the business entity, so a collection agency is needed to collect receivables from the borrower or debtor. This collection agency is usually part of a bank or a third party commonly known as a Debt Collector.

    The existence of a third party as a commercial debt collection is still considered necessary. This is because the settlement of bad debts through the court is quite tiring, with a long process and of course it takes a long time, even with a small amount of debt if going through legal channels it takes 1-3 years to wait. court proceedings.

    Well-known debt collection services in London – You can find this service at “debt collectors in London, a service bureau engaged in debt collection, it doesn’t take long and is free from complicated processes. What must be considered is that sometimes technically, there are a lot of debt collection services that in practice do not use good ethics.

    One of the actions that are considered bad when debt collectors collect debts is to use impolite words and provocative collection techniques. Debt collectors are also not allowed to take aggressive, intimidating, or insulting actions to the debtor or related parties, besides that debt collectors are prohibited from spreading information related to borrowing data, also prohibited from using collection techniques by claiming to be the police or lawyers. Choosing the right debt collector service will certainly save time and costs.

    One of the providers of debt collection services is: frontline-collections.com, federalmanagement.co.uk, and debt-collection-london.com This debt collection agency aim to help collect debts through an approach that does not take long and is free from complicated processes. and of course, using a polite way.

    frontline-collections.com, federalmanagement.co.uk, and debt-collection-london.com are here to change the paradigm and stigma of the hard collection process. By adjusting the billing strategy according to the profile of the debtors. With responsive service and with recommended plans all listed on the website. frontline-collections.com, federalmanagement.co.uk, and debt-collection-london.com address the need and provide a step-by-step settlement process that is handled by professional and licensed attorney partners”.


    A reminder of a payment deadline

    Before lending money, we usually ask when the money will be returned. Then, when the deadline arrives, immediately remind the debtor to pay off the debt.

    Make a written agreement

    Usually, we lend money to someone based on trust. However, if the amount of debt is quite large, we can make a black and white agreement with details of the amount, when, and how to pay that has been agreed upon by both parties.

    Show the official identity of the lending company

    Debt collectors must always carry an official identity card issued by the owner of the lending company, both a letter of assignment and a certificate. The debtor can sue and refuse collection if the debt collector refuses to show it.

    Collection must not involve threats/violence/embarrassment to the debtor

    Debt collectors are strictly prohibited from using threats, violence, and/or actions aimed at embarrassing customers whose installments are stuck. So for debtors who are contacted/meeted by debt collectors regarding loan collections with threats and violence, you can remind the collectors not to violate billing ethics according to regulations.

    If it persists, you can report the incident to the police station, submit a complaint to the police, you can also go directly to the loan company to settle amicably with an agreement that has legal value.

    Billing must not use physical or verbal violence

    The collection is prohibited by using physical or verbal coercion. If this happens, report it immediately. For debtors who are billed using violence, do not hesitate to resolve the problem through legal means.

    It is forbidden to collect from non-debtors

    Usually, the borrower will provide the phone number and name of the closest person such as parents, relatives, and close friends as an emergency contact if the collector cannot contact the debtor’s number.

    Debt collectors are not allowed to collect debts from other parties such as close family or other people whose data is listed in the administrative provisions attached when taking debts.

    The borrower can file a protest if the collector also joins the hunt and even collects the borrower’s family, relatives, or friends regarding the debt problem.

    Not terrorizing

    Billing using communication means is prohibited from being carried out continuously which is disturbing. If a debt collector collects by telephone, it is best if the collection is done at certain times and not throughout the day.

    In conclusion by clicking on the link above you will find a professional debt collection agency in the UK. Because they politely collect debts.

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