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    Skin Boosters from Restylane


    Dec 23, 2021

    Over time, the top quality of your skin changes– collagen and elastic fibers break down, and the spread and feature of the body’s hyaluronic acid change too, making your skin drier, rougher, and also much less flexible.

    Applying the durable hydration abilities that innovation delivers, Restylane provides a special method that smooths skin and enhances radiance from within. Restylane Skinboosters strengthen the surface area and brightness the skin by enhancing hydration.

    Treatment areas

    Restylane Skinboosters Vital with Lidocaine can be used to improve the general skin top quality of your face and boost revealed and sensitive locations such as your neck, décolletage, and hands, along with areas with acne-scarred skin.

    Moistening Microinjections

    Each therapy includes a series of hydrating microinjections of resilient hyaluronic acid, additionally called secured HA. While hyaluronic acid is a water-loving substance discovered naturally in the body, secured HA is a soft, gel-like material that soaks up water and brings deep skin hydration to the dealt with locations, offering boosted firmness and flexibility as the level of smoothness.

    Therapy Program

    A normal treatment program with Innoaesthetics restructurer 5ml buy online comprises three first treatment sessions 2 to 4 weeks apart.

    The preliminary 3-treatment program is done when, and afterward, one treatment every six months is recommended.

    Restylane Skinboosters Vital: deep skin hydration

    Important appropriates for more mature or sun-damaged skin Discreetly and slowly boosts the elasticity of the skin and decreases skin surface roughness. Skin feels smoother and also softer as it transforms splendidly radiant.

    Restylane Skinboosters Crucial Light: deep skin hydration for more fragile skin. Restylane Skinboosters Crucial Light is appropriate for more youthful or fragile skin, such as the neck, décolletage, and rear of the hands. It enhances brilliancy, elasticity, hydration, and skin top quality.

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