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    Reasons For Changing From The Old License Plate


    Dec 24, 2021

    There are many reasons a vehicle owner might want to change their license plate suddenly. He decides on the desired license plate, which turns the random sequence of letters and numbers into a license plate with personal reference, or because he heralds a new phase of life with the move to another registration district, which should also be reflected in his license plate. The license plate change is a voluntary decision of the vehicle owner.

    Many federal states made it mandatory to change license plates when moving to a different registration district. Since then, those affected have exchanged their license plates but do not have to. In the present cases, it is even mandatory to change the license plate number:

    • When changing owners
    • When selling a car
    • When signing off the car

    In principle, the license plate can be changed at any time without changing the owner or other compelling reasons.

    Exchange License Plate: Necessary Documents

    To change the license plate, the competent authority needs a few documents from you before you can change the license plate:

    • Identification documents, such as identity cards or passports with a registration certificate
    • Registration certificate 1 or vehicle registration document
    • Registration certificate 2 or vehicle registration document
    • Proof of the General inspection
    • Evidence of the Emissions test

    The Old License Plate That Needs To Be Changed

    After the application, you must also present the new license plate to the licensing authority to check whether it complies with the regulations and can be approved. The administration needs the following documents to change the license plate. In addition, further documents can be requested if you want to change the license plate:

    • If the vehicle owner does not visit the registration office personally, he must issue the authorized representative with a power of attorney and give him his identification documents.
    • If the vehicle is registered for a minor, the declaration of consent of the two legal guardians and their IDs must be presented to change the license plate.
    • If the car whose number plates are to be changed is a company car, an extract from the commercial register or the business registration must be submitted. If the boss can be represented, a power of attorney must also be issued.
    • If, on the other hand, the car belongs to an association, this must be proven by an extract from the association register.

    Since the registration office is usually quite well attended, you should plan a little more time for your visit during which you want to change the license plates. To avoid lengthy waiting times, many offices offer citizens the opportunity to reserve an appointment online and get lucky number plate (ทะเบียน ผล รวม ดี which is the term in Thai).

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