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    Selecting New Condos Over Resale Condos: What Are The Perks?


    Jun 11, 2021

    If you are puzzled at selecting between a dazzling fresh launch and a nicely maintained resale condo for your next investment, then you have hit the right place. Making a well-informed decision is very important since this will not only bring an impact on your location but also your price, demand followed by other factors that are related to purchase. There are several reasons as to why you should always buy a brand-new condo Charoennakorn (คอนโด เจริญนคร, which is the term in Thai) and not a resale. 

    Top Reasons Why New Condos Are Better Options Than Resale Condos

    New Condos Come With Updated Facilities

    The main attraction of a new condo launch is the bespoke facilities and amenities that are perfect for today’s lifestyle. The older condos in comparison would have a majority of the essentials, for instance, the concierge services, watertight security systems, pet services, and shared working spaces or even pet services. These services were never included in condos when they were being built in the ancient days.

     The new condos are twice as sustainable as the older ones, are fully equipped with energy-conserving appliances. It also goes needless to mention, that you would find almost everything shining inside a new condo.

    New Condos Doesn’t Include Higher Maintenance Charges

    The older condos require more upkeep than the newly constructed condos. This holds applicable for both the exterior and interior condo units. The older condos are always rife with problems like creaking doors, choked plumbing, yellowing of walls, etc. The new launches are free from all such issues and a majority of the developers provide the buyers with a one-year warranty for defects-free building. The older condos as compared with the new condos call for a surge in maintenance bills for the similar facilities and services that new condos offer.

    New Condos Boast Of A Contemporary Look And Chic Interiors

    The new condo Charoennakorn is planned, keeping in mind the latest contemporary designs. But on the flip side, the old condos generally have old-school designs. So, to make it new, you might have to splurge on its refurbishment. The new condo development projects let buyers make tweaks in their unit’s design and styling. Through this, you enjoy better flexibility with all the aspects of the condo; starting from flooring to carpeting, furnishing, finishing, countertops, and wall colors. It is here that you can find exquisite Kahrs or Quickstep Laminate Flooring options for One Stop Flooring.  

    Apart from all of this, renting your new condo will be more lucrative than an old resale condo. The people who are searching for rental condos also prefer new launches over old resale ones. You can find the new launches with better discounts. So, new condos are always better when compared with old condos.

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