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    Recommended Best Forex Trading Platforms 2021


    Sep 14, 2021

    Global Trading Software Market 2021 Industry Insights and Major Players are  Plus500, Avatrade, XM Global Limited, Trading 212 – The Manomet Current

    The popularity of the forex currency market is attracting more and more people to invest. The forex market has even been the largest market in the world for decades not limited to small investors.

    At the beginning of listening to the profiles of various forex brokers, almost all prospective traders must be confused. Apart from the fact that there are many unfamiliar terms, also because novice traders do not know how to choose the right and trustworthy forex broker. This kind of confusion can be avoided by learning the basics of forex trading first, such as the concept of bid/sell, spreads, leverage, and the like. In addition, prospective traders should also know the types of forex brokers.

    Along with an increasing public interest in investing, dozens of online brokers have emerged. However, you have to be smart in choosing a broker who is always at the forefront of innovation, customer service, easy access, and most importantly profit. Therefore, choose the best forex trading platform and at the same time benefit you financially.

    The best forex trading platform are committed to delivering their clients to the gateway to trading and profiting in forex, regardless of the scale of the investor.

    About Exness Brokers

    Exness is one of the leading brokers who are excellent for traders. Its main advantage is its thin spreads with such a low commission. Founded in 2008 by a group of professional financial experts, Exness currently provides services in more than 40 countries.

    Today Exness is a huge trading center. Based on its official records, in March this year, Exness managed to close the books with a fantastic number of transactions which reached 785 billion dollars in monthly transactions. Of course, this is an achievement in itself for Exness, which has proven itself to be a worthy broker for beginners to even professional traders to use.

    Exness Features and Services

    One of the things that distinguish one broker from another is the features and services it has, as well as the services provided by Exness which are unique and different from others. But this is the main advantage of Exness itself.

    The accounts available at Exness are divided into 2, namely standard and professional. Both have different target traders. The standard account is specially created for those of you who are beginners or those who trade with low capital. While the professional account is intended for professional traders who trade with high capital ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    In addition to having various advantages, Exness is a broker that provides quite cheap trading fees when compared to other brokers. In terms of service, it is also very good where we can contact customer service for a full week via live chat or email. So if there is a problem that we might face, they can solve it well.

    Of course, you can judge for yourself if you’ve tried it. For that, you can try a demo account first to get the sensation of trading at Exness. Moreover, this broker is a broker that rarely gets complaints from its users. This means that maybe you will also be satisfied with this one broker if you try it.

    He has won quite a number of awards. Most recently, this broker has been awarded as the best global forex broker in 2019 by The European Magazine and the most transparent broker in 2019 by World Finance Magazine.

    Talking about advantages and disadvantages, of course, everything has it.
    Here are some of the advantages of Exness that users feel from exness com:

    Exness Advantages

    • Spreads and commissions are quite low compared to other brokers. This makes it possible for traders who have minimal capital not to lose a lot of money just for fees.
    • An interactive and responsive non-English language service is available. By using the live chat feature we can get non-English customer support from Exness 24/5. For 24/7 English service.
    • The transaction process for both withdrawals and deposits is fairly fast. From experience making withdrawals, everything will be processed in less than 6 hours. Meanwhile, the deposit process is available instantly.
    • There is an Exness academy program that contains learning about trading from the basics of trading to advanced techniques.

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