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    May 10, 2021

    1908 was a huge year for the company. Wilsdorf signed up “Rolex” as a hallmark, as well as opened their first Switzerland office in La Chaux-de-Fonds. It has been stated that Wilsdorf wanted his brand to be easy to notice in any kind of language. The words “Rolex” was likewise said to sound like a watch being wound according to Wilsdorf.

    In 1910, many thanks to Wilsdorf’s high requirements as well as the quality of Maison Aegler’s result, a Rolex watch became the first wristwatch to be awarded an independently validated certification of chronometric performance, meaning the watch was unbiasedly judged to be a superlative timekeeper. The initial such examination occurred in Bienne in Switzerland, closeby Maison Aegler.

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    A Rolex watch was granted a Course An accuracy certificate by the Kew Observatory in 1914. This was an interesting difference taking into consideration that normally the award was provided solely to marine chronometers. It was the extremely first time a watch had attained this honor in England as well as paved the way for Rolex to become amongst the most revered brand names worldwide for its chronometric efficiency.

    However, Hans Wilsdorf was not satisfied with just the timekeeping quality. When he developed his business in 1905, he had set out with a really clear goal: to create watches that we’re able to accompany their proprietor through the experience of life. Although his watches maintained excellent time throughout fixed chronometer tests, Wilsdorf wished to make sure that they would continue to do their main feature despite their environment.

    Wartime tax obligations troubled luxury items triggered Wilsdorf to leave England in 1919. The levies on gold and silver, which were metals that were utilized in the manufacturing of Rolex watches, got too costly. Wilsdorf chose it would be advantageous to transfer to Geneva to make sure that he could function more closely with his distributors in Bienne. The Rolex brand name moved with Wilsdorf settling in Geneva, Switzerland as Rolex Watch Business. Later the brand would become Montres Rolex, SA, as well as lastly Rolex, SA.

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