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    How to improve your outdoor space with lighting


    Sep 30, 2021

    There are many great ways to improve and update the outdoor spaces around your Clearwater or Tampa home. There are many options available to improve your yard, including adding trees and hardscaping. Hoffman Electrical & A/C wants to talk with you today about a completely new way to boost your yard and outdoor areas: outdoor lighting!

    What do you want to improve?

    Outdoor lighting can be viewed in two ways. The first is aesthetics, which you probably already know. Security is the other. Both can be done, but it is easier to identify what you are shooting for than trying to do everything all at once.

    Enhance Your Aesthetics with Outdoor Lighting in Tampa

    Outdoor lighting can be used to beautify your outdoor space. This is a fantastic idea! It can be used almost anywhere in outdoor design, which is why lighting is so great! Lighting can be used to highlight certain areas or serve as a focal point.

    • Accent lighting can be used to highlight spaces that you are most passionate about. Accent lighting such as lamps, pendant lights and lamps are great for making your landscape stand out in the evening.
    • Your home will feel more inviting if you have drive and path lighting. A beautiful, well-designed home exterior and little darkness throughout the yard is one of the biggest mistakes in outdoor lighting. This makes homes appear more intimidating than they are. Path/drive lighting is a simple, effective solution.
    • For hardscapes and trees, uplighting is a great idea. Is there anything more beautiful than an imported cherry blossom? Properly done, uplighting can increase nighttime visibility as well as create a beautiful look.
    • For the most memorable parties, plan patio and pool lighting. Do you like to entertain? People don’t like to be confined around a single outdoor lamp or fire pit. You can offer your guests safety and a beautiful view by lighting up your patio with thoughtfully planned lighting.

    Outdoor lighting can increase security

    It is worth building something beautiful, but lighting security can bring many benefits. If done correctly, lighting can also add aesthetic value to your home.

    • Motion lighting is a great deterrent. Vandalism is not a common occurrence in Hillsborough County, but it can happen. Intruders can be surprised by motion lighting placed near windows and entryways. This can send them running.
    • Floodlighting boosts your outdoor safety. Floodlighting near buildings and areas that you frequent in the evening can reduce tripping hazards, as well as help you navigate safely. This double-duty can be done by path lighting, which offers beauty as well as safe-footed safety.

    7 Types Of Outdoor Landscape Lights

    1. Spotlights

    This general term refers to lights that only point in one direction.

    This is a general term, as spotlights can be used in certain ways to create a particular type of light. If you point a spotlight up at a wall it creates an uplight which causes a wall-grazing effect.

    Spotlights come in a variety of brightness and can cover a wide area. Spotlights are used to illuminate statues, plants and walls as well as patios and other areas.

    2. Flood Lights

    Flood lights are one of the most effective outdoor landscape lighting options for brightening large areas. These spotlights have a wide coverage area and high brightness. They are often used to illuminate patios and driveways from the top.

    “This will work great for your driveway.

    3. Up/Down Lights

    These spotlights have a broad range of applications and are a great design choice. Uplights are great for bringing life to statues, creating patterns on walls and beautifying your yard.

    Lisa states, “They’ll work great between our hedges and house walls.”

    4. Step lights

    It all comes down to the name. You can place step lights on either the walls next to the stairs or the front, vertical side.

    These lights are sure to lighten up your deck stairs, it’s obvious.

    5. Garden Lights

    You can display your most beloved and beautiful plants by placing them in natural settings. They look almost like mushrooms of light. The light is directional and goes slightly downwards. This will allow everyone to see the plants and not just spots when looking at a bulb.

    6. Bollard Lights

    These posts have lights at the top. No light shield/cover. Bollard lights can shine in all directions.

    7. String lights

    They are perfect for stringing through trees or over hardscapes, so you can really enjoy the scenery. These lights provide a subtler light to create a beautiful scene.

    Search on Google for your local lighting installation electrician, they can help with lighting installation and the best energy-saving products.

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