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    How to Do Emergency Towing?


    Apr 5, 2022

    If your vehicle comes to be inoperable, without access to wheel dollies, car-hauling trailer, or flatbed transport car, it can be flat-towed, all wheels on the ground, regardless of the powertrain, as well as transmission configuration, under the below conditions:

    • Your car is dealing with ahead for hauling in an ahead instruction.
    • Location the transmission in neutral. If you can stagnate the transmission right into neutral, you might require to override it. See Transmission.
    • Maximum speed is 35 miles per hour, i.e., 56 km/h
    • The maximum distance is 50 miles, i.e., 80 km

    To read about Special tow truck and slide car [รถยกรถสไลด์เฉพาะกิจ, which is the term in Thai], please follow the link.

    Recreational Towing

    Note: Put your environment control system in recirculated air mode to avoid exhaust fumes from entering your vehicle.

    Follow these standards if you have a demand for entertainment towing, such as lugging your vehicle behind a motorhome. These guidelines are developed to prevent damages to your transmission.

    Two-wheel Drive Cars

    You cannot tow a two-wheel-drive vehicle with any wheels on the ground as car or transmission damage may occur. You need to tow your vehicle with all four wheels off the ground, such as when making use of a car-hauling trailer.

    Four-wheel Drive Automobiles

    You can only tow a four-wheel-drive automobile with all wheels on the ground by placing the transfer case in its neutral position, as well as engaging the four-wheel-down towing feature. Perform the steps outlined in the following area after placing your vehicle behind the tow vehicle and properly protecting them from each other.

    Note: See to it you correctly safeguard your vehicle to the tow vehicle. If completed efficiently, the details display screen shows NEUTRAL TOW LEAVE IN N or Neutral Tow Made It Possible For Leave Transmission in Neutral. This suggests that your automobile is safe to tow with all wheels on the ground. If you do not see the message on the screen, you need to carry out the treatment once more from the start.

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