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    Haircuts For Men With Straight Hair


    May 5, 2021

    If you are blessed with straight hair then, you should focus on the haircut which you carry. We believe that hairstyle is the first thing which is noticed in your overall personality therefore it should be attractive. I am sure that the search for the best haircuts for straight hair brings you to this blog. You will be happy to know that this blog is full filling the need of your search. Barbershop park slope providing the best recommendations of haircut according to the hair texture and type of hair. Again, the barbershop uptown is here to serve you with a complete list of the best hairstyle for men with straight hair. To know about these haircuts keep yourself engaged with the blog till the end.

    Fringes With Short Sides

    Within the list of best haircuts for men with straight hair, the first one under the Limelight is fringes. You must try the fringes along with the short sides to get a stylish look. For this specific hairstyle, you must use wax or hair styling products. Professionals of barbershop uptown are there for you to provide these fringes along with, the short sides, and Hence a groomed personality.

    Thick Textured Top

    Within the list of best haircuts for men with straight hair, thick textured top is also included. This haircut is not only easy to carry, but does not need much styling to be in proper shape till the day’s end. The haircut is suitable for a professional person to attend meetings and even events.

    Hard Side Part With Beard

    Most of the men’s haircuts just look great with the beard on their faces. Professionals of barbershop uptown are highly in the favor of hard side part with beard look. It is not just about the styling of your straight hair but it also gives you a trendy model look. The barbers of barbershop uptown are highly experienced to provide this haircut to their customers.   You should approach them for your hair styling and hair cut

    Textured Spikes

    Spikes are always trendy and Stylish no matter what is your age and type of your hair.  Moreover, for straight hairs Spikes are the most recommended styles to groom your overall look.   Combining Spikes with the side cuts can be the best combination ever.

    Shaved Sides

    If you are blessed with straight hair then adopting the shaved sides can give you a model look.    For this specific haircut, you should keep the face cut in mind.   This type of haircuts are specific for some face cuts, therefore you must seek a consultation before having this haircut.   For the best recommendation, you can approach a barbershop uptown. It is worth mentioning that, barbershop uptown not only serving you with the best haircuts, but it also provides the honest best recommendations to their customers, isn’t it good.

    Short Sides + Brush Back

    Short sides along with the brush-back look are suitable for men with straight hair. If you are in favor of making a combo of short sides with some other style, then it’s up to you. Luckily, short hair is suitable for almost all the hairstyles out there. Even you can seek for the barber’s recommendations for the combination. For the same purpose, too can ask for the recommendations from the professionals of barbershop uptown.

    Short Sides+ Slicked Back

    As we mentioned above that short sides are a haircut that creates the best combination with other hairstyles.  Similarly, short sides along with the slicked-back hairstyle are going to give you a pleasant look.  You can carry this look all day even without the use of any hair styling product.  the slicked-back hair suits almost every man is the reason that it is combined with the short sides and recommended to the men with straight hair.  The professionals of barbershop uptown are serving their customers with this combination and getting highly positive reviews.

    High Fade

    Within the list of best haircuts for men with straight hair, the high fade is also included.  Most of the men just love to carry fade hairstyles.   If you are rich in straight hair then you must have the highest speed haircut for the best looks.  Moreover, you can combine this high fade along with some other hairstyle or haircut to adopt the trendy look.   Short sides along with the high fade are highly recommended by the professionals of barbershop uptown.  Similarly, you can get some other recommendations about the combination of high fade with different hairstyles.


    Just like some other haircut quiff is never out of the trends.  Fashion of men are shortlisted you will notice that quiff is available in that list. The reasons are obvious that quit hairstyle provides a versatile and trendy look to the person. As well as suitable to each age group.  Furthermore haircut is independent of the hair texture so each man free to carry this hairstyle.  For the best results, you can use a hair styling gel or wax for the best look of your hair

    To Wrap It Up

    We believe that, the overall look of a person is judged by the haircut and hairstyle which he is carrying. That is the reason that we are more focused on the hairstyling of men. The overall blog is covering the best hairstyles for men with straight hair. If you are having straight and silky hair the selection of the haircut can be a tricky task. For the ease of our readers the guide is presented by the experienced individuals of the barbershop uptown. You are free to select any of the mentioned haircuts to grab the attention of the public. Also, you must seek honest recommendations for the haircut according to your hair texture and the health of your scalp. Barbers may also recommend the hairstyle depending on the face cut of the customer.

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