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    Do Not Get Stuck In Life Due To Bad Network Connectivity In Your Building


    Mar 25, 2021

    Sometimes irrespective of the location, cellular networks do not work in our homes or the buildings where we live or work. We pay huge bills to get flawless connectivity and yet we get stuck.

    There are many factors that reduce signal strength in a particular building or location. If the signal strength of your cellular network is consistently low in your home, you might need additional network boosting devices to be able to browse at a faster speed and communicate clearly without worrying about weak signals disconnecting your calls.

    You can install a 4G home signal booster to ensure that your phone has a flawless connectivity at all times. At My Amplifiers you can buy signal boosters as per the frequency usage of your country so that you irrespective of your location, you can rectify the problems that you face because of slow connectivity here. All these devices are easy to set up and boost the speed of the internet and improve your connection quality to the highest possible level.

    Factors that affect cellular network strength in some buildings

    There are many variables that can affect signal strength in your home. Some of the major factors are:

    1. The material of construction used in your building:
    • Use of steel to support large building structures is very common and definitely creates an issue with network receptivity inside the structure.
    • Some old buildings and modern ones have extensive stonework which could become the reason behind lack of connectivity in your cell phone.
    • Concrete also create minor disturbances in receptivity.
    • Many modern designs make use of low-E glass nowadays and its metallic film hugely interferes with network strength.
    1. If there are shadowed or obstructed areas between the cell tower and your home:
    • A large commercial building can block the signal coming from the cell tower and affect the network strength in your home.
    • Even natural elements such as dense cover of hardwood tress can greatly hamper cell signals.
    1. If you live in remote locations:
    • If you have chosen to live away from the hustle bustle of city life in a remote location, cell towers could be scattered and far away from your home thus reducing the signal strength.
    • Sometimes you can catch a signal outside the building when you live in a remote location but not inside the walls because the walls further weaken the signals.
    1. Tower load:
    • If there is less number of cellular towers in your area, you might not be able to get your calls connected owing to high data traffic.
    • Also, if you live in a highly populated area, you may still face problem with data traffic even when there is a good number of cellular towers in your area.
    • Depending upon the user demand on the cell tower, your signal strength can vary throughout the day.

    We must take into account all these factors and install additional device to boost signal strength instead of waiting for cellular providers to rectify the issues. Control the amount of signal you receive in your device and empower yourself with fast browsing speed.

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