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    Why People Consider Moving To Tennessee?


    Apr 24, 2021

    Are you planning to shift to Tennessee?  As per the World Population Review, this Volunteer State is ranked at 16th position in terms of population in the country. Also, the population growth of this state is at the rate of 0.93 percent. Due to its mild weather, lower cost of living, it is very easy to see the tremendous growth of population here.

    Because of the world-class dining scene, diverse cities, and famous mountain range it makes this place a very interesting one and many people are interested to make this place their home.  Every year, many professionals, students as well as retirees are moving to Tennessee.

    If you ever think of moving into this state then you can find a Tennessee car shipping company that can help you to transport your car like Ship a Car, Inc. The following are a few good reasons why people like to shift to Tennessee every year.

    1.     Tennessee having a breathtaking landscape

    Tennessee is blessed with stunning landscapes with cascading waterfalls, sunlit mountains, rolling hills, plenty of waterholes, and snaking rivers that keep you cool during the summers Your home will offer plenty of land space for gardening, or just sitting by the wooden parasol to entertain your guests, or any other activity you like.

    2.     The taxes are pretty low

    The resident of Tennessee need not pay any income tax on their salaries or wages. Although recently a flat tax has been imposed on the bond interest and stock dividends that will be soon phased out.

    3.     The hospitals are top-class

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    The following are a few top-class hospitals offering excellent medical facilities:

    • Ascension St. Thomas Hospital West.
    • Baptist Memorial Hospital
    • CHI Memorial Hospital
    • University of Tennessee Medical Center
    • Vanderbilt University Medical Center

    4.     An ideal living cost

    Besides no income tax and lower property taxes, residents also enjoy the overall lower cost of living for their regular goods and services. The index score of the cost-of-living of Tennessee is 87.6, which is much lower than the national average.

    5.     Great smoky mountains

    Home to a few Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee is for nature lovers the best place in the world. There is no shortage of choices for outdoor recreation.

    6.     Incredible music

    Tennessee has the best music scene in the country. Nashville is known as America’s “Music-City,” due to its never-ending music festivals, venues, and also live performances.

    7.     Thriving job market

    Due to the booming economy and a large number of companies, Tennessee is the best place in America to get employment. Particularly, Nashville attracts scores of job seekers every year.

    8.     World-class foods

    From southern classics to renowned, and elegant cuisine, Tennessee is considered home to a few of the best food available in the world.

    9.     Best education hub

    Students will find lots of educational opportunities and Tennessee is having several top universities in the country. Some of them are:

    • Belmont University
    • Rhodes College
    • The University of the South
    • University of Memphis and Maryville College
    • University of Tennessee
    • Vanderbilt University

    10.    Mild season

    You will find spectacular weather in Tennessee. The climate may however vary based on where you live in the state. Overall weather is mild to moderate almost during the whole year.

    Due to all these reasons, Tennessee can be a great state where you must make your new home.

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