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    Why Norca Foam Are In So Trend?


    May 29, 2021

    A norca foam is a type of spray that is carried in a spray bottle for cleaning air conditioners. At the time of use turns into bubbles form and clean air conditioners. It is effective in cleaning and affordable to worth. To keep your air conditioners clean you should apply norca foam ( ร์ ก้า โฟม, which is the term in Thai). It also cleans air particles that pass through air conditioners and makes a healthy environment surround you. It removes dirt from air conditioners and stops the malfunctioning of air conditioners.  

    It makes bubbles which are highly effective to remove dirt. Apart from all it decreases the aging problem of air conditioners. You can use both the outer or inner part of the air conditioner it will clean every part of the air conditioner even those where your hands cannot reach. But remember before the use of foam you should check it for 25 -30 seconds and then use it or apply it on the air conditioner.  

    It eliminates the smelling and blockage problem of dirt in the air conditioner. Cleaning air conditioners from time to time prevents hot air and enhances the working of an air conditioner. It decreases the repairing charges and electricity bills charges. After cleaning with foam spray your air conditioner gives a first use look. To prevents the greasing and oily strains in your air conditioner you should use foam.  

    The copper coil cools the hot air so you need to clean this coil otherwise you have to call a mechanic to repair it and only need to clean the coil to make working easy. If your air conditioner stops working then you need to use spray and rid all the dirt from the air conditioner. It is not acidic for the body or parts of air conditioners. Therefore you can use foam many times to clean the air conditioner. You can breathe and feels fresh air after cleaning the air conditioner with foam.  

    This foam can also remove bacteria, germs, pathogens, fungus. It has a sweet fragrance, easy to use, removes impurities and germs. It facilitates the evenly spreading of cool air in a room or a car. Pipes are blocked with the dirt and then it starts malfunctioning you can use foam and clean the dirt. After applying the foam stay it for 15 to 20 minutes because it soaked all the dirt and clean all parts. It facilitates less energy consumption and fuel consumption.

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