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    Which Are Better Bouquets With Lily Or Bouquets With Tulips?


    Jun 3, 2021

    Get To Know The Meaning Of Lily

    Lily is a summer flower with the Latin surname (genus) Lilium. The flower that grows from these tubers has the characteristics of wide petals such as trumpets, has pistils that grow like matches, the leaves are bright green and supported by a slender stalk elongated.

    This flower that comes from West Asia and the Mediterranean grows very beautifully and has an interesting variety of colors, so don’t be surprised if people will feel at home looking at it even for a long time. Aside from its beautiful shape, the average lily also spreads a bright fragrance.

    Therefore, lilies are dubbed as the queen of the garden by flower lovers. The beauty of this lily flower is well known in various corners of the country. Even in Greek times, it is mentioned in Greek legend that the Lily flower came from the milk that the Goddess Hera shed. It is said that when Dewi Hera breastfed her son Hercules, she accidentally spilled her milk on earth. And that’s the beginning of the growth of lily flowers on earth.

    In general, lily bouquets have the meaning of chastity, purity, and modesty. Lily bouquet, also commonly referred to as daffodils, is also considered a symbol of beauty and is often mentioned in the Bible.

    Differences In Meaning In Each Type Of Lily Color

    The color white is always represented for everything holy and clean, just like the meaning white lily has. Lily bouquets are symbolized as a symbol of chastity, purity, sincerity, glory, devotion, and friendship. One type of lily that is white is Casablanca Lily. The flowers symbolize something sacred, clean, and very charming.

    According to psychology, yellow color can give the impression and feeling of happiness for the enthusiast. But if excessive, it can also give you feelings of depression or distress. Not far from the yellow lily. Lily’s bouquet is also often communicated as a symbol of feeling happy. However, it is also sometimes interpreted as falsehoods and lies. One type of lily that is yellow is a yellow daylily flower or, in English, called yellow daylily.

    Red lily is known as a symbol of prosperity and abundant wealth. As said in psychological science, red is always symbolized as a source of strength, soaring arousal, and great energy. That is what underlies the red lily being communicated as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Because of the power, passion, and great energy, it describes prosperity and abundant wealth.

    Lily orange is known as a symbol of hatred, arrogance, and humiliation as the philosophy of orange color is a color that can give encouragement, optimism, and high confidence. But if the orange color is too dominant or too much, it is interpreted negatively. One type of lily that is orange is Tawny Daylily or orange daylily.

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    The Meaning Of Tulips

    Some countries around the world have designated a particular flower as a symbol or symbol of the nation’s personality. Then, the flower was finally used as a national flower or flora typical of the country. So are tulips. Tulips have a Latin name that is Tulipa.

    Tulips normally bloom from early March to April. The most striking feature of tulips is their leaves that cover upwards and adjacent to the flower crown, have a colorful type, and have six strands of flower crowns.

    Tulips have the meaning of perfection and eternal love, infinite affection, appreciation, and majesty, abundance, and prosperity.

    Differences In Meaning Based On The Color Of Tulips

    Tulips have a variety of colors that make this flower have many fans, especially in Indonesia. There are various tulip colors in Indonesia, such as red, white, pink, orange, yellow, and purple. Some of the flower colors turned out to have their philosophy that you may not know yet.

    People who play hockey believe that red tulips are a tool to express the contents of the heart. Red tulips mean deep love and perfect affection.

    You can give a hand bouquet of red tulips with a wrap that has a silver or black color to add an elegant impression. Add chocolates or dolls to make your partner happier.

    White tulips are usually used as an offering to offer condolences for a person’s death or to be given to someone as an apology. Not only that, but you can also put a hand bouquet in the form of a bridal bouquet when holding a wedding because this flower has a symbol of the sincerity of deep love and chastity.

    Yellow tulips have a symbol or meaning of cheerfulness and a very close friendship. You can give it to a friend or friend. However, if you receive this yellow tulip from a loved one, it signifies a rejection because you are considered only a friend.

    Orange tulips have the meaning of warmth and happiness and have a symbol of optimistic nature if you will get an unexpected fortune. It is usually given to someone who has just given birth in the form of a hand bouquet.

    Purple tulips symbolize loyalty and loyalty that were widely used in ancient times by noble families. When given to others, it signifies admiration and respect.

    Which Is Better?

    There is nothing better because both are the best. Each flower has its uniqueness, including its usage. You can specify the meaning you want to convey.

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