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    What type of test is TU-GET?


    Apr 11, 2021

    The TU-GET is an innovative test of English language efficiency needed for access into any one of Thammasat College’s graduate degree programs.

    For TU-GET tutoring [ติว TU-GET, which is the term in Thai], please visit the link.

    What does the exam include?

    The exam consists of three areas: vocabulary, composing capability, and analysis understanding. The writing capacity section includes sentence completion as well as mistake identification. The vocabulary area asks students to match basic synonyms as well as to fill up the gaps in bigger texts. The reading comprehension area has five passages that the pupil should initially review, and then select the proper response from four options. The analysis comprehension area accounts for 50% of the overall rating.

    How often and where can I take it?

    The TU-GET generally has five examination dates every year. The application process must be finished two months ahead of your examination day. For even more information on the application process as well as upcoming examination dates, please visit the Thammasat University website.

    What can I perform with this certification?

    The TU-GET is compulsory for trainees who desire to get into any of Thammasat University’s academic degree programs. Nevertheless, score needs might differ depending upon the program you are planning to take. For more details, please speak to the Trainee Consultant at Thammasat College.

    Top ideas for planning for the examination:

    • Know your restrictions. Has your English capability analyzed to make sure that you can set possible goals? Deal with your educator to find out what you ought to be aiming for.
    • Preparation, as well as organization, are crucial. Allot as much time as you can for your study. Function towards goals as well as does not leave all your preparation till the last minute.
    • Enhance your checking-out skills.Find out just how to review faster, as well as more effectively. This is especially important provided the hefty weighting of the reading test.
    • Reading does not need to be for studying only. Try to read more newspapers, magazines, and publications in your free time. Make it enjoyable as well as select a topic you like.

    To know about Where to study IELTS [เรียนieltsที่ไหนดี, which is the term in Thai], please follow the link.

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