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    What Goes to Stake with Counterfeit Watches?


    Jan 4, 2022

    Some claim people who are buying a counterfeit brand watch [นาฬิกาแบรนด์ก๊อป, which is the term in Thai] is NOT Luxury consumers anyhow, so counterfeiting serves brand awareness, as well as reveals the interest of people for the products. Yet this is an extremely limited view. When one thinks about copyright burglary, harmed brand name identification, loss of exclusivity, defiance towards a brand name, and funding of ordered criminal offense, the trouble ends up being more blatant.

    How Does It Function?

    The Federation of Swiss Watch Market is carefully keeping track of the market and evaluations the most up-to-date trends of online counterfeiting. What it found is that the approaches have changed with the internet. Counterfeiters are attacking inadequately safeguarded legit websites by inserting covert pages to supply a link to a “mirror site” of counterfeiters using extreme discounts, up to 85%. These pirating methods enhance the exposure of these counterfeiting sites, as well as to make issues worse, duplicating this operation time and again makes these illegal web pages reach the top of search engines listings.

    The second trend stems from the advancement of the Content Shipment Network. Initially applied to speed up content transmission, it uses the opportunity for counterfeiters to hide the original IP address holding the site. Today, some sites can become intermediaries of counterfeiters “without their knowledge,” as well as the renowned “nonpartisanship of the Net” is often invoked not to accept authorities.

    Nevertheless, the industry has now started to respond to social media sites, which swiftly ended up being a simple system to display counterfeit offers, and thousands of ads have been taken down in 2014, as well as preventive measures are being implemented with the biggest social networks groups.

    This can explain why the watch sector has been a late web adopter. Yet they finally knew they cannot ignore this new network, as well as a large percentage of CEOs, consider it as one of their primary emphases for the years to find, as the Watch Sector Research 2015 shows, even though opening own-stores continue to be the number one concern. Protecting circulation margins, as well as control over the brand name experience delivered, are more essential in uncertain times.

    If you are willing to purchase a “mirror class” counterfeit watch [นาฬิกาเกรด มิลเลอร์, which is the term in Thai], please follow the link.

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