Understand What Pen Does The President Use?

Because Trump favours writing with a Sharpie, it has become instantly recognisable as his signature pen. What pen does the president use, read below:

The president’s thick and extremely legible Sharpie writing has, in the past, leaked notes from his speeches and even made some of the president’s innermost thoughts available to the public. This has been a source of trouble for the president in the past.

Guardian reporter Sam Wolfson said in July that Trump “has continued to use the Sharpie to sign executive orders, mark up draughts of big speeches, and make notes like a teacher marking a quiz.”

Less commonly known is that Trump struck a deal with Sharpie to have specially modified versions of these pens created for him, which only he would have access to.

HBO and the political website Axios have teamed up to produce a four-part series, and at the end of the first episode, Donald Trump delivered a lengthy monologue in which he expressed his admiration for the Sharpie pen and his disdain for the government-issued pen traditionally used by the President of the United States. Jonathan Swan, an Axios reporter, and Jim VandeHei, the CEO of the business, stood by and listened intently.

Trump reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a standard grey Sharpie pen at this point in the talk. So the folks at Sharpie did a favour, produced the pen in black; made it appear wealthy. They decided to make the pen black to make it appear expensive.

Trump claims that Sharpie’s reaction to his request for proof of their capabilities was to offer to include his signature on the product itself. Trump delighted as he showed off his new gold-stamped pen for the cameras.

Respond to Business Insider’s request for comment

Obama could need to work on his written communication skills. Yes, he used to teach law, and yes, ingrained behaviours can be difficult to break. Poor quality, porous paper used in the construction of most legal pads can absorb a lot of ink, which could dilute the former president’s apercu. However, if you use a fine-tipped rollerball on that paper, you should be able to limit the amount of bleed-through and feathering that occurs, thus his chosen writing instrument is a solid choice. Officials, even those in retirement, care much about this problem, and the patented technology used in this pen “protects against water, fading, and fraud,” as stated on the manufacturer’s website.

According to The Pen Addict, the Pilot Precise V5 is the greatest rollerball on the market right now, and the Vision Elite comes in at number two. My personal preference is for a retractable pen because I am a person who cares about these things. As a result, it is recommended the Uni-ball Signo RT1 UMN-155, which features a needle-like 0.28 mm tip. It would be more fitting for the ex-president if it were coupled with a notebook made of smoother paper, such a Rhodia No. 18 pad, as Obama is known to prefer top-bound books.

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