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    The IELTS And CEFR Scoring Scales


    May 8, 2021

    Surely you have heard at some point the terms A, B, and C to talk about the level that someone has in a language. These levels were established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, and Assessment (CEFR). So, we are going to explain to you what relationship the CEFR has with the IELTS. If you can confuse you can search for where to study IELTS (เรียน ielts ที่ไหน ดี which is the term in Thai)

    • Primary user (A1, B1): your IELTS score is between 0 to 4.
    • Independent User (B1, B2): you obtained a score between 4 and 6.5.
    • Proficient user (C1): you have a score higher than 6.5.

    It is also essential that you know that the validity of the IELTS is two years. After this time, you should retake the exam. If you applied before traveling and are currently studying and working in Canada, maybe your English level is higher.

    Advantages Of Obtaining An IELTS

    Are you going to study abroad? Universities where classes are taught in English, require a good command of the language. Knowing what IELTS is and taking it means meeting one of the entry requirements.

    If you are going to apply for the scholarship of your dreams and one of the requirements is to have good proficiency in English, the IELTS is your best ally.If you plan to migrate to English-speaking countries such as Australia, Canada, or New Zealand, you must have this certification.

    Certifying that you know English can increase the salary you earn. Additionally, professionals who demonstrate this skill have a 37% higher chance of being hired.

    In What Situations Can It Be Helpful To Ensure A Level Of English?

    • If you want to apply for the Australian Work and Holiday Visa (in this case, a minimum of 4.5 is worth it).
    • If you are going to enroll in a VET course in Australia or New Zealand.
    • If you want to study for an undergraduate or master’s degree at a university.

    In many cases, universities conduct a placement test, what they call a placement test. Therefore, you don’t need to obtain the IELTS certificate, but your level is equivalent to the reference score they ask you. It can also help you in tutoring IELTS (ติว ielts which is the term in Thai)

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