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    Should you Treat your Dog with CBD Dog Treats?


    Oct 9, 2021

    One of the main reasons for a dog owner opting for CBD treats is the practicality of doing so. Dogs sometimes become difficult to handle and thus, there has to be something to keep them under control. Dogs do not bear any liking towards droppers around their mouth. Neither do they like the taste of CBD oils. CBD treats on the other hand are delicious for dogs.

    If you are looking for a place to buy CBD treats for dogs, then you must consider JUST CBD. It is an online store based in USA. They are the market leader of USA when it comes to CBD and that’s for some good reasons. The brand was founded solely on the foundation stone of quality and transparency.

    All of their products are checked and tested in third party independent laboratories. Thus, you need not be worried about the quality and safety of the product. Since the safety of the pet is the number one concern for pet owners, JUST CBD is the best place for them.

    Are CBD treats safe for dogs?

    Let’s understand what is CBD treat. These are appetizing bites composing active full-spectrum and organic hemp oil. This makes them not only tasty, but also good to maintaining a balance in the mood and appetite of the dog. Thus, in short, they are safe and healthy to be consumed by your dog.

    However, the only caveat is that they must be given in prescribed dosages. Overdose of CBD, just like that of every other thing, may lead to side effects. These may include low-BP, diarrhoea, lethargy, dry mouth, drowsiness, etc. However, these side effects too are evanescent and short timed which can be treated with medication.

    Benefits of administering CBD to Dogs

    • CBD treats for improving DOG mobility- any dog, especially an older one, may suffer from stiff hips and joints. Other issues like arthritis and mobility issues may also arise. CBD reduces the inflammation in joints are reduces the pain. Mobility treats contain hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, glucosamine, etc.

    These compounds promote joint and cartilage health thereby increasing the mobility and wellness of the dog.

    • CBD for relief in pain- recent studies have documented cannabinoids as anti-inflammatory drugs. Besides that, CBD is safer than other opioids and NSAIDs, thus help you to reduce the dependence conventional drugs.
    • CBD treats for anxiety- loud noises, thunder, traffic, new environment, etc. all these things may cause stress and anxiety in dogs. This is harmful for the overall wellbeing of the dog since they lose their appetite in such cases. CBD treats help the dog to relax and reduce all the anxiety and stress.


    There is a host to choose from when it comes to CBD treats. All of these treats are safe for the dogs and promote the mental health of your four-legged best friend. Since CBD is naturally occurring compound, they have no documented adverse effects on the overall health of the dogs.

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