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    Safety Shoes: Tips On How To Care Of It


    Sep 13, 2021

    Always comply with the conditions of your PPE. Your safety will be compromised if the PPE is not in good working order. Safety Footwear (Boots, Shoes, Boots) is equipment for daily use and requires extra care so that its useful life is prolonged and the user’s safety is maintained. It is the user’s responsibility, being a self-employed service provider or CLT, to take care of the conservation of their protective equipment.

    1. Wear Cotton Socks

    As it is daily use of PPE, bad odors arise PPE, bad odors arise due to the proliferation of fungi, bacteria, and the incorrect use of safety shoes. To avoid bad smells, we suggest using clean cotton socks, as well as having dry antimicrobial insoles, keeping your boots in a cool place away from the heat, and having at least two pairs of shoes to alternate throughout the week.

    1. Extra Care: Use Leather Shoe Products

    A very effective way to prolong the life of your Safety shoes leather is to use specific leather greases, ointments, and waxes during cleaning. Shining your leather shoes periodically will create a protective layer over the upper and outside the shoe, keeping the leather healthy and looking good. This will allow the leather’s suppleness to last longer, keeping your shoes comfortable and fit for much longer.

     An airy place away from heat and humidity is ideal for keeping your Safety Footwear stored after purchase. The ideal storage conditions are 27°C and 63% humidity. Doing this will prevent hydrolysis, a process in which heat and moisture from water molecules react with the sole material, causing it to decompose.

    1. Do Not Use Outside The Work Environment

    There are specific shoes for leisure, others for physical activities, others for social events. You wouldn’t wear a dress shoe to exercise, would you? Regarding safety shoes, the story is the same. They should only be used within the working environment. This way, you will avoid unnecessary wear and tear on Be sure to purchase specific safety shoes for your profession.

    Choose a quality brand that guarantees the consumer your safe safety shoes (รองเท้า เซฟตี้ which is the term in Thai), prolonging their useful life.

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