Myrtle Beach New Homes For Sale: A Guide To The Best Neighborhoods

With over 300 miles of beautiful coastline and six city centers, Myrtle Beach is a great place to live. From the Atlantic Ocean to the Intracoastal Waterway, this coastal haven has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a quaint neighborhood with unique shops and friendly neighbors or a bustling town center with endless entertainment, Myrtle Beach has what you want. 


With so many options, it can be hard to make a decision! This article will give you some helpful tips on narrowing down your search in order to find the perfect home in Myrtle Beach.


What You Need To Know About The Area


No matter where you live in Myrtle Beach, you can expect to have a great time. All of the neighborhoods offer something different. But what should you consider when deciding on your next home?


  • What are your needs? Do you want to be close to the beach, or would you prefer a more secluded location?
  • What is your budget? The average price for homes in Myrtle Beach is around $499,000. But that number varies depending on what neighborhood and amenities you are looking for. For example, some homes near golf courses might not be in the same budget range as those just off busy Highway 501.
  • What style of home do you prefer? There are many options from condos and townhomes to single-family houses with yards and pools!


Is It Time To Buy A Home In Myrtle Beach


If you’re looking for myrtle beach new homes for sale, it can be overwhelming to find one that fits your needs. There are a lot of factors to consider, from the cost of living to the crime rate. Buying a home in Myrtle Beach can be an amazing experience or not-so-amazing, depending on where you choose to live. 


As with any town or city, there are some neighborhoods you should avoid and some you should consider. For example, Myrtle Beach has a higher crime rate than most other cities in the US so it may not be the best place for families with young children.


If you want to move here, but don’t know where to start your search, here are six pros and cons of several different neighborhoods in Myrtle Beach to help you decide which one is right for you:


Dunes West: This area is close to areas like Coastal Grand Mall and Barefoot Landing with many restaurants and shops nearby. However, this neighborhood doesn’t have many schools nearby which could be a problem if you have kids in school.


Midtown North: Midtown North is known for its walkability and access to entertainment including shopping centers and restaurants. It has great public transportation options as well as many schools nearby. The downside? It’s one of the more expensive neighborhoods in Myrtle Beach so if money isn’t something that concerns you, then this might be perfect for you!


The first decision you will have to make when looking at new homes for sale in Myrtle Beach is which real estate agent you would like to work with. There are many agents in the area and it is important that you feel comfortable with whomever you decide to work with. Visit this website to find out more.

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