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    Looking for tantric massage London


    Nov 1, 2021

    What is a Tantric Massage?

    Tantric massage is a type of massage or bodywork that is based on tantric concepts, an ancient spiritual practice that originated in Central and Southeast Asia. Tantric massage, as practiced in the West today, entails rubbing and stimulating the entire body, with a special focus on sensitive parts.

    The tantric massage London is commonly referred to simply as an erotic massage, despite the fact that it also includes breathwork, meditation, and awareness and is not always sexual. Tantric massage also includes a spiritual and energetic component, in which the practitioner or provider assists the recipient in moving his or her energy throughout the body in order to facilitate inner healing.

    When Seeking for One

    Numerous individuals seeking for a tantric massage find it perplexing to see so many websites pop up when they Google the keyword ‘Tantric Massage,’ and that many of these sites are similar to escort sites with photographs of naked or topless beauty who belong in Playboy Magazine.

    Many of these gorgeous young ladies and agencies who have opted to sell themselves as tantric masseuses appear to be taking advantage of the fact that there is no genuine qualification for tantric massage, which is a misnomer becausetantra has nothing to do with massage in the first place. However, they may believe that referring to themselves as ‘tantric’ will make them appear more ‘legitimate.’

    Human people commit a basic fallacy: they learn a tiny truth and, rather than discovering the entire, the remaining half, they envision filling in the gap they can put together a system, but the remaining portion is just their imagination and sexual energy should be turned into higher forms. It’s the truth. But what occurred was that they never went very deep into meditation; it was always a secondary concern for them. And man’s sexuality is so powerful that it has been dubbed “sexual orgy” in the name of tantra.

    Meditation should have been the first priority since it transforms energy, but it was pushed to the back burner. And many sexually repressed folks joined the tantra school. These were the individuals who carried with them all of their vices and oppressions.

    They weren’t really interested in transformation; they were only interested in releasing their repressions; their interest was primarily sexual unless meditation takes precedence, it will always be the case that in tantra, people will engage in all kinds of perversions… and because tantra has such a good name, they will not feel they are doing anything wrong; they will believe they are doing something religious, something spiritual; which is exactly what many therapists are doing. And the so-called therapists get a kick out of the money they bring in.

    They stand to gain nothing by allowing freedom. People should first learn how to meditate, and then they should learn how to use tantra methods. This isn’t tantra at all. Tantra has a unique set of techniques. These folks who practice tantra have no idea what they’re doing.

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