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    How To Decorate Modular Buildings


    Nov 24, 2021

    The primary difference between decorating a traditional building and a modular building mostly comes down to the wall construction. Walls are made in different ways depending on the purpose of the building, many modular buildings look to be as light as possible and could opt against the use of plastering. Some modular buildings use panelling rather than gypsum board, or more commonly known as drywall. Drylining allows a wall to not need plastering and can be finished off to a high standard with tape and jointing. This keeps the modular building light which is an important consideration to the transportation and instalment of a modular building at a client site. If a modular building exceeds its maximum weight, then the crane or machine used to transport and move the building from the site to its end location, will not be able to safely transport the cargo.

    There are alternative wall treatments for modular buildings to the traditional painting method. Working vertically with baton strips works well for a modular building and can be used with paint or stencilling. Many modular buildings prefer the baton strips to be painted over to create a more uniform look resembling a traditional build.

    Whilst some modular building decorator companies offer the option of bespoke design service, there will still be a limit to the options available, such as paint colours or positioning of certain elements like doors and windows, or the materials they can be made of. This will be due to supply, demand, costs and keeping weight down, as well as adhering to health and safety and construction regulations. Often, decorating a modular building takes place in a factory setting where such legislation can be easier upheld, items can be brought in bulk and an assembly line will ensure efficient use of production time. This maximises the efficiency of the production of modular buildings for many industries. This can also help cut the costs of modular building production.

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