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    Hazards When Working With Metal


    Oct 25, 2021

    Metal comes with many dangers, especially when working with it in a workshop as expert metal fabrication companies do. There are common ways to reduce the hazards and effects of working with dangerous tools. These include education, common sense, and personal protective equipment.

    Electric Shocks

    Electric shocks are a serious risk when working in a workshop that supplies high powered tools, whilst surrounded by a conducting material like metal. Be sure not to touch live wires and follow correct procedures for any electrical work being carried out.


    Fire is a common threat and should be taken seriously. A workshop already has a high temperature and is full of flammable materials, so the fire can spread quickly. Therefore, cleaning up after tasks is very important, as it reduces the opportunity for fire to catch.

    Combustible Dust

    If you do not clean up the mess made after working with metal, it can leave behind combustible dust. Should this reach a high enough temperature, or be hit with fire, it can risk exploding and cause a lot of damage both to the premises and body. This explosion could then have the potential to grow into a spreading fire.

    Gases and Fumes

    Working with heat and metal gives off a lot of dangerous gases, which can cause long term lung illness if inhaled over a period. Always check you are wearing the right respiratory protective equipment.

    Bodily Harm

    Bodily harm is the most common hazard met in a workshop due to the nature of the work. Metal and tools have sharp edges but also get hot, and burns are a high possibility when working with open flames such as when welding.  


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