Benefits To Regularly Cleaning Your Watch

The benefits of cleaning your watch and its strap at home are twofold. The most obvious is to reduce any debris that may have found itself on the timepiece, whether that be hair, oil, dust, or dirt, all of which not only reduce the quality of the intended look of the watch but could also damage the various sealants, gaskets, and finishing on the watch and its accompanying bracelet. While serious deep cleans during servicing are great, nobody has their watch serviced every week, so it pays to keep up with the regular maintenance a look needs yourself.

The other, and possibly more relevant for this year, is to reduce the chances your watch can itself become a vehicle for the transmission of the coronavirus and other pathogens, both to yourself and to others. The COVID-19 pandemic has become a fact of life for us all. As a result, keeping your personal and belongings clean has gained prominence in everyday life.

The wristwatch — which for many has long been one of the least cleaned and most used items in their possessions — is consequently not immune from becoming a vector for both grime and the virus. As a result, cleaning your watch, now more than ever has become a necessary routine as part of your regular personal hygiene.

When To Call An Expert

All watches are different, and that is why it is always best to consult your watch dealer or the manufacturer on how best to clean your watch before undertaking the task.

However, if while cleaning you notice lasting condensation or even tiny drops of water underneath the crystal, visit your local jeweler immediately as on the same day as it can indicate a watch has been compromised with water and can quickly damage the internal components.

We do not note that a minimal amount of temporary condensation seen underneath the crystal may be expected, especially when dramatic temperature changes are put on the watch. However, if the condensation persists, then the watch like rolex submariner should be opened by a professional jeweler as soon as possible “to air out and prevent further damage.”

Additionally, all watches require regular servicing from time to time. Some brands recommend servicing once a year, others every two years, every three years or more, so it’s best to consult your dealer and watch brand directly on how often to have your watch professionally serviced and checked for water resistance.

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