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    Alkaline Fuel Cell Power is Bringing Green Energy to the Residential Market


    Jan 9, 2022

    The future of hydrogen is of high importance to the world, as it is one of the best ways to store renewable energy. World governments are launching hydrogen strategies like the European Union’s strongly pro-green hydrogen plan, launched in July 2020 and investing around $150 billion over a decade. An estimated €470 billion will be invested in hydrogen by 2050 in Europe, and as much as €18 billion into fossil-based, low-carbon hydrogen to fulfill the integration of clean energy.

    Most hydrogen energy storage solutions available today are geared towards large-scale commercial uses and are too expensive to be adopted by the residential markets. But Alkaline Fuel Cell Power is offering an alternative to this by designing fuel cells affordable to residential users.

    Alkaline Fuel Cell Power developments cater to residential and small to medium commercial applications, which has not been feasible before. Alkaline Fuel Cell Power’s 4kW system, which is in the prototype stage and will be launched in 2027, will be a great leap in the global energy industry, helping countries to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. Consumers around the world will be able to reduce their carbon footprint with the low cost of Alkaline Fuel Cell Power’s micro-CHP hydrogen fuel cell.

    If produced using renewable energy like geothermal, wind, or solar, hydrogen extracted from water through a process called electrolysis can be entirely green. Using this green hydrogen is proven to have no harmful effects on the environment.

    Some estimate that by the year 2050 hydrogen could make up nearly a quarter of the world’s energy demand. Hydrogen’s price is also projected to fall by half. Alkaline Fuel Cell Power is designed to fill the increasing consumer demand for clean energy solutions. The zero-emission technology is feasible and at hand with the constant developments of Alkaline Fuel Cell Power products.

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