What’s So Special About Rolex Yacht-Master?

Rarely has a name of a watch been more appropriate than with the Rolex Yacht-Master, since if you have a luxury yacht, this is the watch to put on. While deeply rooted in Rolex’s cruising heritage, an area in which they have been energetic given that the 1950s, it was initially launched in 1992. Right from the beginning, it held a special placement as it combines the tool watch look of the Submariner with a generous dash of beauty. This resulted in appealing sporting activities watch that has been among the columns of the Rolex collection ever since.

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It is promptly identifiable, thanks to its finished bezel. With the initial generation, it was made from platinum. This product is still offered in the existing collection, yet now joined by versions with a bezel in all gold and gold with a Cerachrom insert made from technological ceramic. These models reveal the flexibility of the Yacht-Master to a better level. Even more, because now it is offered not only on the durable Oyster bracelet but likewise on an Oysterflex. What appears like a rubber band absolutely should have the title of the armband. Thanks to an inventive building, Rolex was able to integrate the most effective of both worlds. Within an over-mold of black, high-performance elastomer, adaptable blades made from titanium, as well as nickel alloy are positioned. In combination with the patented cushion system inside the bracelet, the Yacht-Master will always sit completely, as well as conveniently, on the wrist.

Rolex is using the Yacht-Master in three various dimensions; 42, 40, as well as 37mm. While the size of the dial might differ, its personality stays the same. All models are fitted with an automated motion, which is Chronometer licensed. Many thanks to the well-known Oyster-case, and screw-down crown, the water resistance is 100 meters, making it the perfect and trendy selection to discover everywhere water.

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