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    The best freshwater fishing spots in Thailand  


    May 8, 2021

    In Thailand, there are a number of freshwater spots that are best for catching a variety of fish species. It includes resorts, fishing parks and also dams, ponds, lakes, and others. If you are looking for the Thailand fishing holidays then these places are perfect. For the trip, you can either carry your own gear or you can hire a fishing charter that is well equipped with the necessary safety gear. It is also loaded with essential safety equipment.

    There are many popular fishing spots in Thailand some of which are mentioned below. 

    Bungsamran lake – It is located in Bangkok and this lake is considered the most creative big game freshwater fishing lake in the whole world. It basically contains 130kg catfish and 100kg carp with the total average catch which has more than 40kg weight. So, if you are willing to add a big catch to your fishing achievements, you can surely plan a trip here.

    Jurassic fishing park – This Park is located in the amazing seaside town of Cha-Am. This fishing park is best for carp fishing and creative Arapaima. You can say that it is basically a premier fishing holiday venue in Thailand. 

    Shadow Lake – It is mainly known by the locals as Gnao Nam and is located near Bangkok. It offers you catfish and superb carp. This Shadow Lake is considered the largest running big fish venue in Bangkok. 

    Hua Hin Greenfield Fishery and Resort – It is a resort on the seaside which is located 200 km southwest of Bangkok. In Thailand, it is the number one and the best fishing resort. 80 acres of the natural beauty of the lake is on the private estate which is surrounded by the countryside and the rolling hills. This lake is the home to a large number of fish species which includes 23 Amazon and Thai fish species.

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